October 14, 2016 ptillman




  • Pull those weeds now, being careful not to compact soil.

  • Prune fall raspberries. Cut each cane to within a few inches of the ground.

  • Cut back citrus branches that touch the ground or other structures. Open up trees by trimming out crossing branches and anything that looks dead.  These steps will help control scale and aphid infestations. 

  • Cut back woody shrubs. Encourage lush new growth on butterfly bush, fuchsia, and Mexican bush sage by cutting woody stems to within a few inches of the ground.

  • Take care of your tools. A sharp, clean pruner will make clean cuts on plants, thus leaving less injury or risk of disease.  Clean with mild bleach solution, sharpen the cutting edge, and wipe tools with mineral oil.

  • Prune hydrangeas. Remove old canes, leaving young canes with flower buds attached.  Hydrangeas bloom on the new year’s growth.

  • Wait to prune camellia’s, forsythia, lilac, quince, and other ornamental spring flowering shrubs until they finish blooming.



Make sure your houseplants are growing well.  Check all five growing factors, light, temperature, nutrients, moisture and humidity.

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