October 15, 2016 ptillman





  • Sow seeds for fall and winter harvest indoors or in shade. Plant beets, carrots, turnips, Chinese cabbage, kale, lettuce, or green onions.


  • Plant a fast-maturing potato such as ‘French Fingerling’ or ‘ Russian Banana’ for a crop by Christmas.


  • For late-season color in lower elevations include aster,mums, coreopsis, daylily, gaillardia, gaura, lavatera, Nemesia fruiticans, rudbeckia, Russian sage, summer phlox, and verbena.


  • Keep warm-season annuals blooming through the end of summer and into fall by watering regularly and fertilize them regularly with fish emulsion or other fertilizer.


  • Before fall planting, amend soil with worm castings, compost and soil conditioner. Now is also a good time to start a worm bin, which will provide castings for spring soil amending.


  • Watering is still the most critical job of all this month, Mulch beds to conserve water in the landscape.


  • Apricots and olives should be pruned after fruiting to reduce future disease problems. Summer pruning of peaches, plums, and nectarines is also recommended for backyard orchards, where you are trying to keep the trees short that fruit is within easy reach.


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