October 15, 2016 ptillman




  • Set out bearded irises. Plant in full sun (or light afternoon shade in hottest climates) and fast-draining soil.  Set 1 or 2 feet apart, and plant so the tops will be barely covered with soil.


  • Plant a pot or two of red, white, and blue annuals and perennials for 4th of July.


  • There’s still time to get beans, corn, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, pumpkins, summer squash, and tomatoes in the ground.


  • Deadhead faded blooms, including the part where the seed forms. For plants such as marguerite and santolina that produce masses of flowers, save time by pruning with hedge or grass clippers.


  • Mow wild grasses and weeds, leaving a wide swath around your property. Remember fire safety.


  • Trim dead growth from shrubs and trees, and prune any branches that overhang the eaves.


  • If your geraniums, nicotiana, penstemons and petunias appear healthy but have not flowers, budworms are probably the culprits. Spray plants every 7 to 10 days with Bacillus thuringiensis  (Bt).


  • If your lawn or flowerbeds are plagued with nutsedge or crabgrass then chances are you are watering too often. Get rid of these weeds by pulling or using an herbicide (last resort), but change your watering regime too.



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