October 15, 2016 ptillman





  • Fall-planted trees, shrubs, and perennials should not be fertilized at planting time as this promotes fresh new growth that will freeze.


  • Blackberry and raspberry canes that bore fruits this year can be cut to the ground.


  • Get out and enjoy the beautiful display of tree foliage in cooler mountain areas!


  • Roses – Continue to enjoy the ebbing and flowing of your rose blooms all through September! To stimulate new growth, you may prune new blooms to fragrance your home or spent buds to tidy up your garden.  To prune your roses, make your cuts above a growth node at a five-leaflet leaf pointing outward at a mid-way point on the cane.  Clean up all dropped petals and leaves from the ground as a good practice of promoting optimal rose hygiene.  Feed  lightly with an organic or all purpose fertilizer and water deeply.  Repeat after each bloom cycle to keep roses flowering for months to come.


  • Persimmons – Soon these beautiful orange fruits will start ripening. In addition to providing fruit, the persimmon tree is a nicely sized landscape tree that grows to 25 feet tall and wide.   The tree drops its leaves quickly in the fall for easy cleanup, allowing the sun to warm the garden and nearby wall during the winter months.  Persimmons come in two types-astringent until soft (Hachiya type) or non=astringent when still crisp (Fuyu type).  Both have their uses and provide great fall color with the fruit on bare trees as they ripen.  The fruit must be cut off the trees as you will damage them if you pull them off.  To learn more about the varieties, take a look at some excellent information at the California Rare Fruit Growers website as suggested by our Statewide Master Gardener Website.

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