logomakr_2uwedbThis section contains many questions asked of Master Gardeners of Shasta County. The vast majority came from the Master Gardener's booth at a local Farmer's Market, or from their Master Gardener's Helpline. All of the answers come from the Master Gardeners, or their horticulture adviser, Leimone Waite.  All of the answers prepared by the Master Gardeners have been reviewed and approved by Leimone.  



It has, for some time, been a goal of the Master Gardeners of Shasta County, to have these gardening questions and answers available, on the web, for the general public. They are included here with their permission and the permission of their adviser.  



In order to remain certified, Master Gardeners are required to contribute a certain number of volunteer hours each year.  This section of the web site helps me fulfill that requirement.



I hope you enjoy the site as it develops.  p.j. tillman