• This month is an excellent time to plant bare root fruit trees, such as cherry, apple, apricot, peach and plum. Also this is a great time to plant roses.

  • Cut back ornamental grasses.

  • Prune dormant fruit trees.

  • Keep snow brushed off shrubs and trees so branches are not damaged.

  • Refrain from using salt on icy walks and driveways as salt runoff can bun the roots of nearby plants.

  • Inspect seeds you saved from last year’s garden. Discard any that are damp or diseased.

  • Spend some quality time with seed catalogs and checking interesting websites for new ideas for this year’s garden.




  • Many winter vegetables started in October or November are ready for harvest in January.

  • Cabbage: To enjoy their sweet tender leaves, cut cabbages when they are rock hard; if they feel springy, they need more time.

  • Broccoli: When broccoli buds are full and firm, cut the stalk with a knife.

  • Cauliflower: To keep it snowy white, pull the leaves up over the head and tie them to block out the sun.  Harvest when the buds are full and close together.